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4 Ways to Use Woodcast Soft Sling

The arm sling is a commonly needed accessory in any

How to use Woodcast Ankle Brace

Woodcast Ankle Brace is a moldable orthosis that fits all

Circumferential Arm Cast with Woodcast

How to make a Circumferential Arm Cast with Woodcast

Resting Splint

Video tutorial on making a resting splint

Cast Versus Splint – are Casts Needed?

What does the research say about casting vs. splinting?

Anti Claw Orthosis

A review of the health effects of isocyanates in casting work

A summary of the research on isocyanates and their effects on occupational safety.

Woodcast heating times

Heating times using the Procast® A003/5 heating device: Woodcast®

Radio-opacity of Woodcast

Woodcast is transparent in X-rays

Three splints in 97 seconds with the Woodcast OneStep