3.Woodcast applications

Bi-valve finger splint

Circumferential Arm Cast with Woodcast

How to make a Circumferential Arm Cast with Woodcast

Resting Splint

Video tutorial on making a resting splint

Muenster Orthosis with Woodcast

Quick video on making a Muenster Orthosis with Woodcast 2mm, Hook & Loop.

Humeral U-Splint

How to make a humeral U-splint with Woodcast OneStep elbow

Long thumb

Instructional video for long thumb - Woodcast 4in1


Instructional video for scaphoid - Woodcast 4in1

Ankle backslab

Video tutorial: Woodcast 4mm OneStep Ankle

Metacarpal II & III

Instructional video for MC II & III safe-splint - Woodcast 4in1

Ulnar gutter (Metacarpal V)

Instructional video for ulnar gutter - Woodcast 4in1