What is Woodcast?

What is Woodcast?

Woodcast is a completely non-toxic and perfectly mouldable & remouldable cast material suitable for all casting work. It is manufactured from clean wood and biodegradable plastic and can be moulded without water or gloves. Thanks to biodegradable Woodcast, you no longer have to suffer from toxic chemicals or the risk of occupational asthma. You can say goodbye to gloves, masks, and ventilation hoods. You can cast with your bare hands, breathe in the fresh scent of wood, and re-use any excess pieces. Used casts can be disposed of as either energy waste or biowaste. In addition, there is no dreary mopping, as Woodcast is worked on entirely without water. Pretty cool, huh?

Say hello to speed and user-friendliness!

In addition to being non-toxic and clean, Woodcast is really fast and easy to work with: the heated material moulds easily to any anatomical shape. Say goodbye to uncomfortable casts! Woodcast can be adjusted and re-adjusted over and over again by being heated. There is no need to remove the X-ray transparent Woodcast for imaging, which also saves both time and material. Both your patient and the environment say thank you.

Most importantly, Woodcast suits all types of casting work!

Clean wood & biodegradeable plastic

The non-toxic and ecological Woodcast material is made of aspen chips and a completely biodegradable plastic polymer. You can say goodbye to gloves and other protective equipment! After use, Woodcast products can be incinerated or disposed of as biowaste.

Self-adhesive, easy to combine

When heated, Woodcast becomes self-adhesive: all Woodcast products can be effortlessly adhered to themselves or combined with each other. This means that you can adjust the support and rigidity of the cast by layering different materials.

Woodcast is not afraid to get wet! If necessary, the patient’s cast/support can be washed in water below 40 °C, using a brush and a mild detergent such as hand soap.

Easy to mould when heated

At room temperature, Woodcast is as hard as wood, but becomes soft and pliable once heated. When the material cools down, it becomes hard and durable again.

You can accelerate the cooling of the material by using a cold pack or Woodcast Freeze Spray.

Light and thin, yet sturdy & rigid

Woodcast casts are pleasantly light and thin for the patient, yet sturdy and rigid enough to immobilise the limb for successful treatment.

Cut when cold or warm

Woodcast products of 1 – 2 mm can easily be cut when cold or warm. Our thickest 4 mm material is best cut when warm.